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    Have you ever taken a picture and looked at it later and said ” Boy, I look fat” or “I don’t like the way I look in this picture”.  That is if you pose the wrong way, the camera will put 10 pounds on you in the picture.

    Well, here is your chance to learn how to pose the right way to take the best picture.

    First, lets show you how to do it sitting:

    For a woman, when you are sitting right in front of the camera, you have to sit at an angle.  Put your back leg in back of your front leg which will make your lap and your thighs leaner.  Your arms have to be moved slightly away from your body or their back arm on their waist, your back has to be straight, and shoulders back.

    For a man, the only change is to put your legs straight in front of you.

    Sound easy?  Well here is a photo of how someone should sit using our suggestions:


    OK, for standing it is just a little different.

    For a woman, to look leaner in front of a camera, you need to turn your body on an angle and turn your waist towards the camera.  Put your weight on your back leg and keep your arms away from your body.  In both cases we are not talking about holding your arms straight away from your body, just a little bit so that there is a space between your arms and your body.  Like your mother says stand straight, shoulders back and say cheese!

    For a man, all of the above but stand with your legs slightly apart.

    Here is a photo of how you should stand:


    (Our dog model is Dutch from Peak Lab Rescue.  He was paid in dog treats and demanded that only his good side be shown)

    As with everything, practice all of these moves so that when the big moment is here, you will just fall into position without even thinking and have people say later, “You look great in that photo!”


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